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Brian Honigman

Honigman Media
Content Marketing Consultant

Chris Winfield

Marketing Consultant

Shannon Bryne

Cloud Peeps
Chief Content Officer

Lincoln Murphy

Gain Sight
Chief Evangelist

Andrew Warner


Alex McClafferty

WP Curve

Noah Kagan

Sumo Me
Chief Sumo

Steli Efti

Casey Winters

Head of Growth


These Growth Chat dinners are a stroke of genius by Sujan. In some way, one or more of the amazing people you meet is almost guaranteed to impact the trajectory of your personal and/or professional life. You have to attend one if you get a chance!

Anuj Adhiya

One of the best dinners I've been to. Sujan put together a dinner for growth marketers in SF. I heard the kind of inside marketing techniques that most people don't talk about outside their companies.

Andrew Warner

Sujan organized a powerful group of marketers to break bread. The exchange in value that took place between the group meant friendships were being formed, not just connections. I met some incredible marketers that I will stay in touch with in the future!

Chirag Kulkarni

The dinner was a catalyst for me to start thinking bigger about our growth strategies. Each expert I chatted with brought fresh perspective that sharpened my vision for current and future projects

Ty Magnin
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How much does the dinner/event cost?

It's free. Dinners are hosted by Sujan Patel and are completely free to all guests. The dinners are limited to 10 people and intended for experienced (5+ years) professionals. 

Can I host my own Growth Chat dinner?

Yes!! These dinners started  after Sujan connected with 207 people in 2015. He saw the tremendous value of people helping each other so he decided to start a dinner series for smart marketers to connect with one another. Please contact us at 

Who's the dinner for?

The Growth Chat dinners are intended for experienced professionals who are obsessed with growth.  Typically attendees are marketers, sales, product managers, developers and founders. 

Who is Sujan Patel?

Sujan is a marketer and entrepreneur. He has over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and is co-founder of Sujan is also an avid blogger and writes about growth & entrepreneurship at Forbes, Inc., & WSJ.

Growth Chat

Join my private dinners with top
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Connect with  top marketers, sales, product managers and founders to help each other grow

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Join me for a dinner with the
sharpest marketers around the world

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Dinners are limited to 10 people per city